• Operating optimization of various units and plants (development of process flow diagrams and manuals)
  • Development of new technologies (sponge iron production without reformers)*
  • Algorithms
  • Basic engineering (drafting of technical documentation)
  • Balance studies of the production cycle phases and ramp up of the pelletizing plants 
  • Engineering solutions on the reduction of costs, improvement of quality and increase of production rate




 TOREX is always striving to create the new technologies and developments and improve the existing ones. A spectaclurar example is the new import-substituting technology of metallization. The DRI technology of iron ore raw materials with the conversion of the hydrocarbons in the shaft furnace has the certain advantages over the other wide-spread methods of DRI. This is due to a significant reduction of capital and operating costs.  The mentioned technology allows skipping the expensive conversion units (reformer units with catalyzers) due to the application of natural gas oxygen conversion. This also envisages in-furnace conversion of a surplus amount of the hydrocarbons on the freshly reduced iron (sponge iron - active catalyzer) in order to ensure recovery of a sponge iron with the specified quality.  


There is an additional advantage of the new DRI technology compared with the shaft furnaces of Midrex and HyL-III as follows: we have proposed to divide the shaft furnace by two process zones (by height) with a various sources of gas - as a heat carrier and reducer according to features and requirements in those zones. This method ensures a reduction of energy costs and facilitates the production of high quality metallized product. 

Originally developed know-how on grinding, milling, sizing and dedusting of different materials

TOREX has developed the technologies to recover a polydisperse and fractioned powders of materials, such as bentonite clay, limestone, lime, coal powder etc.  In this case, an efficient combination of drying, grinding and sizing of materials is considered in a single unit. The developed technologies are distinctive by a low

power consumption, high metal intensity and environment friendly approach. 

NPVP TOREX has its own well-proven technology in fire and explosion safety production of multi-sized and multi-fractioned powders containing the different materials: metals, minerals of various hardness, sintetic slags, corundurum and other materials to be utilized in the drum mills. 

The plant is distinguished by an essence of fire and explosion safety process without a protective atmosphere and inert gases due to automatic mode of selective grinding. Adjustment of the powder coarseness is being made by speed regulation of updraft air in the mill and relevant setting of external classifier. Therefore, a finished product contains a min quantity of fine dust with the homogenous composition of final powder, a high gas permeability of hearth layer, reduced amount of emitted combustion gas and the higher ignition energy.