Technical assistance

  • Design supervision, performance and adjustment works, scheduled and service maintenance
  • Industrial tests
  • Training of plant personnel
  • Dewatering, pelletizing and heat treatment tests
  • Complex process supervision of the existing production facility
  • Process control and optimization algorithms 
  •  Functional description of automation diagrams
  • Conceptual analysis of process solutions
  • Modernization (retrofitting) of the existing pelletizing plants


NPVP TOREX has the full set of techniques to conduct the heat engineering and process inspections of plants and units, balance studies, start up and performance and commissioning works. Most of the techniques are originally developed by TOREX personnel within the last 40 years. The techniques were throughly studied during industrial inspections, start up and commissioning works of indurating and sintering machines. 

The gradual retrofitting (modernization) of pellet plants at MGOK


The technology of drying applicable to multi-purpose materials 

Upon request from the Client, TOREX experts are capable of calculating the drying parameters, along with selection of equipment including the burners and gas cleaning plants and design of overall process line for material drying. Nowadays, NPVP TOREX has the full set of design documentation to manufacture a standard and non-standard equipment to be utilized in the process lines for drying and grinding of various mineral raw materials. A long-term cooperation background with the manufacturing plants allows producing the equipment as per the own documentation and provide the plants with missing equipment. 

Optimization algorithms and process control

NPVP TOREX develops and implements the contemporary multilevel automatic process control systems. The technical means of domestic and foreign origin (e.g. Siemens) are being used. Mathematical software of control systems allows solving the centralized control tasks, control of parameters, and optimization of production process upon specified criteria (minimum power costs, maximum capacity etc.) with constraints considered.  

 Activities on dewatering of iron ore concentrate slurry

NPVP TOREX conducts the analytical and experimental-calculation works to create the concept and process flow sheets of slurry dewatering using the finely dispersed concentrates of beneficiated ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This ensures improved technical and economic indices under the specified requirements to quality and physical properties of concentrate.