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Automation and diagnostics

  • Heat engineering measurements
  • Thermologger (device which monitors the temperature profile in the hearth layer of treated materials/items) and its associated measurement systems
  • Granulometry (assesment of the grain-size composition and material surface condition within the flow (lumpy ore/pellets)
  • Determination of the metallurgical properties and complex monitoring of the high temperature treatment (diagnostic pallet car)
  • Automatic Process Control System


One of the key TOREX innovation activities lies in the development and manufacturing of the optional equipment and special-purpose measuring hardware tailored to stringent operational conditions


In particular, the specialized system of the continuous temperature control        (Thermologger) has been developed and implemented in the course of heat treatment of various materials. Especially in the places where an installation of instruments is impossible.

           The measurement system of temperature control is applicable 

‒        during changing of the raw material properties,

‒        alteration of process parameters of the furnace operation;

‒        for adjustment of the firing furnace operation mode in case of rejected product detection;

‒        during start-up and commissioning activities.

The detail monitoring of heat treatment parameters is required in case of any unconventional events and when it is necessary to evaluate the thermal state of pellet bed.

Measuring system of temperature control is manufactured in accordance with individual features, purposes and targets of each specific production sphere.

An adjustable module (pallet, tub etc) is equipped with sensors and diagnostic equipment (electronic recorder “Thermologger”) in order to conduct the measurements.  The thermoelectric transducers (thermocouples) should be fixed in the pellet bed (within the height and width) to control the temperature. The flexible cable thermocouples in the steel heat proof housing with mineral insulation of conductors are applicable.  The location and number of temperature measuring points  are determined individually for the specific production according to customer request.

Electronic recorder “Thermologger” should be installed under the adjustable module or on either side of it (beyond the high temperature zone) in the special heat insulating housing. 

Channel measuring is performed consistently with the an interval, providing a sufficient number of measuring points along the length of the firing furnace. As the measurements proceed, the measured values of temperature should be correlated with the time and location of the adjustable module in the production line.  All temperature values are stored in the internal memory of “Thermologger” and could be read out into processing computer via USB-cable after detachment of device from adjustable module or during connection of an auxiliary reading unit in on-line mode.  The reading process is possible even via radio signal by a non-contact method.  The distributed system of radio signal receivers is applicable in the conditions of numerous steel structures, combined into a single bus-line with the distribution of the measured results to workstation.  The measurements are conducted continuously within an entire measurement period.  The period of measurement can be specified.

The separate workstation with the required software to store and process the measurement results is used specifically for processing of the thermo-metering results.

The stationary magnetic marks are used in the standard configuration to determine a location of adjustable module within the length of firing furnace. The estimation of location is being made as per retention time readings of adjustable module in the heat treatment zones (as per instruments).

Interactive system of read-out is specifically envisaged for on-line monitoring of the furnace heating function. The non-contact method is used for on-line data transfer.  Transmittal of the signals measured is carried out via stationary transmitters which are located at the site alongside the heating unit.

The measurement results are displayed in workstation monitor as the diagram in the real time, i.e. during heat treatment of products and after its completion.


Temperature monitoring system «Termologger» is implemented and successfully applied on the straight grate traveling indurating machines IM-520 for the production of iron ore pellets at the pelletizing plant Mikhailovsky GOK, and tested on the furnace for the production of bricks in conditions of CJSC «Zheleznogorsky brick factory».

Diagnostic pallet car

Усовершенствованная диагностическая тележка

 Granulometer system

Granulometer system is a monitoring device to measure the particle size distribution and surface condition of green pellets. The system video sensor could be mounted either above the conveyor or directly over the bottom of pelletizing disk.  The system goal is to make a non-contact determination of the pellet grain size composition at output of each pelletizing disk. It helps to calculate a total grain size composition of pellets to be fed to IM. This system has been installed and is operating successfully at LGOK and TKOM-3 and MGOK pellet plants (Russia).