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NPVP TOREX has developed a comprehensive approach to solve the various process tasks and challenges. This approach envisages an optimization of the induration technology and temperature-and-filtration modes of heat treatment of the pellet bed with various application fields (blast furnace or DRI). It also comprises the process issues as to optimization of composition for pellet mixed material,  and its formation technology during pelletizing process. The structural characteristics and thermal-physical properties are also part of said approach.

TOREX comprehensive approach 

 Initially, the comprehensive approach has been used by TOREX during retrofitting of the existing indurating machines of Lebedinsky GOK in 1998-2001. After two successful stages of retrofitting, a specific production rate of indurating machines ramped up by 25 % with reduction of the natural gas by 32% while producing the blast furnace pellets.  

The same comprehensive approach was used during retrofitting of the indurating machines OK-520 of the Mikhailovsky GOK. Consequently, more outstanding results have been attained. First of all, two indurating machines OK-1-520 of Mikhailovsky GOK have produced up to 10 mtpa of pellets due to the first retrofitting phase. For comparison, three identical indurating machines (without retrofitting) were producing only 9 mtpa. The estimated economic benefit from the first phase of retrofitting at Mikhailovsky GOK accounts for 1.5 billion rubles per annum.     

TOREX company is continuously dedicated to improve an efficiency and approaches to the pellet production. For instance, we have designed the 4th generation straight grate indurating machine (MOK-1-592) with a max efficiency in power and production rates compared with the modern analogies in the world.  

Intensive heat exchange and gas-dynamic processes within IM with a certain area create optimal conditions to attain a high production rate and low fuel and power costs.  Minimized atmospheric emissions is one more valuable accomplishment. 

3D-modeling by TOREX sophisticated design team:

TOREX concept of the designed pallet car installed at the induration machine of Mikhailovsky GOK (Russia) 



TOREX design solution on the retrofitting of gas duct system (indurating machine No 4) at Lebedinsky GOK (Russia), including the new direct recuperator, its new frame and gas duct arrangement. 


 Meeting the environmental challenges:

Need to reduce flue gas, NOx and other hazardous emissions at the production facility?

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