Study on the sintering of iron ore pellets from concentrate deposit
Bersenev E.S., Bersenev I.S., Gruzdev A.I., Leonov A.I., Nikitin V.A., Postolatyev A.N.
Bersenev I.S., Ershov M.P., Maistrenko N.A., Petryshev A.J.
Efficiency evaluation of the sinter burden mixing

The method of quality evaluation for mixing of sinter burden is suggested with account for stability of blast furnace raw materials. It was established that a retrofitting of sinter burden mixers is required at Ural Steel OJSC. 

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Bokovikov B.A., Solodukhin A.A., Spirin N.A.
Reduction of pellet overwatering in the drying zone of indurating machine

The method to reduce an overmoistening of green pellet bed is considered on the IM, using the chamber of preliminary combustion. Based on the math model used, an efficiency of pre-combustion chamber operation has been shown under different conditions with optimal operating parameters determined.  

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Bersenev I.S., Ershov M.P., Usoltsev D.J., Petryshev A.J., Zinyagin G.A.
Improvement of the pelletizing ability of the sinter burden from hematite ore of Bolshetroitskoye deposit

The studies on the pelletizing process of sinter burden from the hematite ore have been conducted, while using the hematite ore from Bolshetroitskoye deposit. It was established that improvement of sinter burden pelletizing from hematite ore using a lime as fluxing additive is feasible but limited due to peculiarities of ore composition, in particular due to a low content of silica. 

Evstyugin S.N., Solodukhin A.A.
25th Anniversary of the Research and Development Company TOREX

A brief overview of the basic trends of research and development company activity is given for the last 25 years. The major equipment retrofitting projects and treatment technologies for iron ore raw materials shall be emphasized starting from 2000 at the plants of Russia and Ukraine. 

Bersenev I.S., Ershov M.P., Klein V.I., Kutuzov A.A., Solodukhin A.A., Petryshev A.J.
The basic trends to improve an efficiency of iron ore sinter production in Russia

The basic trends of sintering technology development in Russia are given. It was established that the range of engineering solutions could be implemented on the sintering plants of Russia (use of intensive mixers or replacement of battery cyclones with ESPs). In particular, there are solutions related to use of new systems of sinter burden charge, development of the new exhauster design, sintering pallet cars of 5 m. Those solutions need to be elaborated in-detail. 

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Bersenev I.S., Maistrenko N.A., Petryshev A.J., Solodukhin A.A., Uvarov M.G.
Retrofitting of the sinter plant at Ural Steel OJSC
Bokovikov B.A., Gorbachyov V.A., Evstyugin S.N., Klein V.I., Kutuzov A.A.
Carbon as a reducer during production of partially reduced pellets

The experimental data on the thermal treatment of ore coal pellets in the neutral and oxidizing mediums are given. It was shown that a carbon use as reducer is a function of oxygen holding in gaseous medium and dimension of pellets. The firing of pellets transforms to sintering if ore coal pellets are less than 5 mm and oxygen content in the gaseous medium is more than 15 %. 

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Lantsov J.V., Plotnikova S.J., Povolotsky V.J.
Kinetic and dynamic model of DRI in the shaft furnace

The math model of pellet DRI in the shaft furnace has been developed based on the determined method of physical and chemical calculations during a reduction process in the bed of iron ore feed. It was included in the basis of program complex "Kinetic and dynamic model" for analysis, forecast and and optimization of shaft furnace operating mode. The modeling results are used to increase the production rate and improve a sponge iron quality at the DRI plants of OEMK OJSC. The model is supposed to be retrofitted in order to develop the technology modes and develop the new engineering solutions for DRI. 

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Bersenev E.S., Bersenev I.S., Evstyugin S.N., Poluyakhtov R.A., Sudai A.V.
Ammonia addition to the feed of iron ore pellets and its impact on strength

The studies on sintering process of iron ore pellets have been made with an addition of ammonia solution to the feed. It was found that an ammonia addition facilitates an intensification of sintering process at the solid phase stage and improvement of pellet CCS. 

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