Enhancements and fine-tuning of the DeSOx pilot plant by TOREX start-up team at the facility of "Karelsky Okatysh" JSC (Severstal)

Over the October and December 2021, TOREX experts performed the enhancements of DeSOx pilot plant operating modes at the industrial facility of “Karelsky Okatysh”JSC. Fine-tuning has been carried out under wide range of air-gas flow parameters amid production of the versatile types of pellets and application of calcium-hydrated lime as a chemical agent. Thereon, the results and protocols of measurements as to pollutant concentrations in the emissions are studied at the laboratory of pilot processing plant “Gor-Mash-YuL” in Kostomuksha town. These results appear to be encouraging and reveal that a high desulfurization rate up to 98,0% is attained by TOREX team research equipment while a concentration of sulfur dioxide at the outlet of the pilot plant is less than 50 mg/nm3. Presently, the research activities are ongoing with regard to representative samples of desulfurization sludge in order to obtain an environmentally friendly and commercial by-product.