TOREX attends the 19th annual metallurgical summit "Russian Steel: growth strategy", hosted in Tula

The major metallurgical event was being held through June 2-3 in Tula town and gathered the leading experts of an industry, namely Evraz, Metalloinvest, Mechel, MMK, NLMK, Severstal, OMK, TMK, PMH. The summit speakers enlightened an audience on the up to date state of metallurgical sector, including the promising trends of development and approaches which could facilitate the existing facilities to sustain under constrained market conditions. One of the top issues on the summit agenda was an eco-friendly transformation of production in the ferrous metallurgy of Russia along with operation of metallurgical enterprises facing a decarbonization challenges and the best ESG techniques in use.  Besides, the summit delegates were invited to visit the workshops of "Tula-Steel" LLC which is prominent in its import substitution products and adds a tangible contribution to development of domestic metalware industry.