The multiphase project of comprehensive retrofitting of the indurating machine MOK-592 is ongoing at the "Mikhailovsky GOK" JSC

Starting from its commencement in 2018, the retrofitting project of indurating machine has been successfully implemented after a joint collaboration of TOREX and 'Mikhailovsky GOK named after A.V. Varicheva' experts. The scope of administrative and technical arrangements had been completed at the first retrofitting phase of indurating machine No. 3 during 2018-2019. These activities facilitated an increase of production rate of IM by 5% compared to the design target values. At the second phase of retrofitting project, a ramp up of IM productivity is achieved due to additional preparation of a base concentrate after its treatment in a new purchased and installed high-pressure grinding roller (HPGR). HPGR is designed to extend a specific surface of the concentrate up to 300 cm2/g, which positively affects its pelletizing ability in the course of green pelletizing and subsequent thermal treatment on the indurating machine. Apart from it, an intensification of drying process and cooling of pellets is carried out during retrofitting of indurating machine by means of extension of drying and cooling zones and installation of 1 windbox. Three process fans D2, D3 and D6 were replaced with models that are more powerful in order to ensure the required balance of gas flows. In addition, two pair of gas burners are installed in the preheating zone (with a low gas consumption mode) aimed at intensification of a heating process and prolongation of induration time. Totally, 16 gas burners for indurating machine MOK-1-592 are considered by retrofitting project.