The brand-new technology named NextGen Pelletizing© is created and introduced by TOREX as a part of strategic partnership with Australian company Tek7.

TOREX company has presented the state-of-the-art technology under its trade name NextGen Pelletizing© to the global iron ore industry, in reliance on viable operation of the new generation indurating machine in Russia. To improve a power efficiency of the NextGen Pelletizing© technology, Tek7 engineers have employed CFD, FEA and other simulation methods. This novel approach to design philosophy along with advantageous thermal circuit developed by TOREX ensure a max efficacy and customization of individual elements of the indurating machine tailored to specific targets and conditions of a Client. 

Background of TOREX-TEK 7 partnership

Established in 2005, TEK7 Global specialises in challenging the status quo with cutting-edge engineering and project management solutions for a variety of industries worldwide, including the pelletising industry—with high-quality and cost-effective results. Along with the head office in Australia, TEK7 has offices in China, Hong Kong and the Middle East, with others opening in due course in other continents. Globally, TEK7 has been involved partially or fully in the engineering, process, fuel handling, material handling, automation and combustion systems of several greenfield plants built in the past ten years. TEK7 has initiated a strong scientific partnership with the University of Adelaide and other research partners in Australia thanks to the Cooperative Research Centres Program.

In 2019, TEK7 and TOREX formed a strategic alliance to further improve straight-grate pelletising and DRI technology by combining each company’s scientific expertise and vast operation, simulation, and design experiences. By uniting TOREX’s history of process design and operation optimisation with the advanced simulation and engineering techniques of TEK7 (such as CFD, FEA, AI and deep learning), we have been able to achieve desirable performance outcomes. These positive outcomes are supported by existing data from the NextGen (Rev 1.0) pelletising plant commissioned in Russia that has been producing premium quality pellets since 2015. Outstanding results from NextGen have given us the confidence to guarantee improved production rates as well as significant reduction in fuel, water and electrical consumption rates compared to the industry standard.