'NPVP TOREX' LLC has been awarded with the second Russian Federation Government Prize in science and engineering - 2021

For all TOREX employees 2021 is encouraged by a landmark award-winning event to be proud of  - the second Russian Federation Government Prize in science and engineering. The award is granted for successful feasibility of the major Russian project in ferrous metallurgy: "Development and implementation of an innovative energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pelletizing plant producing a high-quality iron ore pellets", which is "Mikhailovsky GOK" OJSC owned by Metalloinvest Group of companies. The emphasis of award is in recognition of proficiency of the Russian metallurgical science alongside with practical experience in heat engineering accumulated by NPVP TOREX personnel for decades. The solid ground of contemporary pelletizing technology is pioneered by founders of our company who became the mentors for present skillful engineers, preserving the Soviet legacy of heat engineering expertise applicable to a metallurgical production. Among those are honorable and leading scientists and engineers, namely Abzalov V.M., Maizel G.M., Evstyugin S.N., Klein V.I., Bokovikov B.A. For over 20 years they have been showing an abundant dedication and striving to improve and apply the unique techniques in upgrading of brownfield projects in numerous CIS countries, meanwhile nourishing a new generation of experts.

The Prize diploma was officially presented in the House of Government, Moscow, on December 16 by Prime-Minister of Russia - Mikhail Mishustin.

Historically, starting from 2008 TOREX is involved in the development of the cutting-edge technology producing a high quality pellets on indurating machine OKM-592 No 3 of Mikhailovsky GOK equipped with the thermal diagram of fourth generation. TOREX engineering staff has finalized the lab studies, comprehensive technological and heat engineering calculations. In addition, the equipment is shortlisted for all process phases, including thickening and filtration of slurry, production of green pellets, screening and grinding of off-spec product. Operating procedure for a production facility along with specifications for a core process equipment, control algorithms of a production process, refractory lining, and heat insulation activities are also worth mentioning.

TOREX experts have been supervising this grand project in all phases, including erection, cold run of equipment and hot commissioning of the process lines. Ultimately, the activities on performance tuning and attainment of design target values are completed diligently with deadlines met.

The insights into gas dynamic, heat and mass exchange process within pellet bed, hoods and gas ducts of indurating machines add a great scientific value to R&D work as applied to this project. As a result, a breakthrough thermal unit is created, encompassing a sophisticated arrangement of gas ducts that ensures a high recirculation degree and max recovery of a heat carrier potential. Besides, reduction of natural gas consumption and mitigation of a carbon emitted to an ambience is achieved.

Apart from a high efficiency thermal unit developed, there are novel technical solutions and equipment used which ensure a max KPI of the process fans, reduction of the power losses of gas flows along with effective fuel combustion etc. and proper preparation of raw materials. Fulfillment of all mentioned activities led to a synergy effect in ramp up of basic production indices and eventually improved a finished product quality. In this case, a new industrial facility might be flexibly fine-tuned for further processing of various raw materials and product output with versatile quality and application.

Nowadays, our company is involved in the retrofitting/upgrading projects at the Russian and foreign facilities owing to a proved feasibility of design and process solutions initially incorporated in the brand-new induration machine. A vast theoretical and practical background also plays a fundamental role in the current business status. TOREX gained a credible reputation of company with a competitive edge among other global players in the market, when it comes to process services for turnkey projects. In addition, TOREX cooperates with major equipment vendors on a constant basis.