The brand-new technology named NextGen Pelletizing© is created and introduced by TOREX as a part of strategic partnership with Australian company Tek7.

TOREX company has presented the state-of-the-art technology under its trade name NextGen Pelletizing© to the global iron ore industry, in reliance on viable operation of the new generation indurating machine in Russia. To improve a power efficiency of the NextGen Pelletizing© technology, Tek7 engineers have employed CFD, FEA and other simulation methods. This novel approach to design philosophy along with advantageous thermal circuit developed by TOREX ensure a max efficacy and customization of individual elements of the indurating machine tailored to specific targets and conditions of a Client.     


The optimisation system has been mounted and commissioned in-situ by TOREX engineering team. Consequently, the following activities are implemented: an adjustment of the sensors, comparing of measured dimensions with the results of laboratory screen sizing along with selection of sensor installation points above the pelletizing disks. As a whole, integration of the Granulometer system is meant to ensure a performance improvement of the indurating machines, as well as reduction of the gas and energy consumption under operating conditions of Lebedinsky GOK.  

After a technical meeting held by both Parties in Milan head office of Redecam, TOREX specialists have been invited to observe the waste-to-energy plant located in Germany (Neuwied town) with an embedded desulfurization system. Afterwards, Redecam arranged a familiarization visit for the said team to its own manufacturing facility in Italy. As a result, the new data were acquired as to advanced flue gas treatment solutions and possibilities evaluated to use them at the Russian plants.  

Severstal company sponsored and hosted the 4th International Scientific and Technical Conference in Cherepovets city, dedicated to scientific and technical advance within the ferrous metallurgy sector. The delegate and speaker from TOREX prepared the paper which covered one of the following agenda topics:

  • Coking, agglomeration and blast furnace process
  • Steelmaking
  • Piping and rolling 
  • Industry 4.0

Being a long-time partner and process consultant of Mikhailovsky GOK for the last decades, TOREX initiated an implementation of the target research and development activities focusing on the  joint lab, pilot-scale tests and full-scale tests of process modes for a production of magnesian pellets. Those works comprise the development of new compositions, pelletizing and induration modes, determination of metallurgical properties, and predictive modeling of blast furnace values.    

As the long-term collaboration with Lebedinsky GOK continues, TOREX commenced the activities on adoption of the energy-saving diagram elements. As a result, the Contract has been signed with TOREX as to process design supervision along with elaboration of a process procedure for retrofitting of indurating machine no. 4. Upon completion of design, the comprehensive erection activities are scheduled by our engineers at the retrofitting facility. 

In the course of TOREX official visit at the pelletizing plant in Canada, a meeting has been held with Metal 7 company as the vendor of process equipment. Our experts have studied and assesed an operation of triple deck feeder technology provided by Metal 7 within the facility of Arcelor Mittal located in Port-Cartier. Afterwards, the Parties discussed in-situ the possible solutions to improve an existing pelletizing technology and cooperation benefits. 

The 4th Symposium on iron ore pelletizing is a large scale event focused on cutting-edge for actual plants/facilities operating at the iron ore market. TOREX speaker/delegate made three different comprehensive presentations, shedding a light on existing bottlenecks of the industry and new process solutions as follows:


IMPC-2018 as a global event facilitated the productive dialogue with existing partners, having an exchange of knowledge and experience in the mining and metallurgical industry. The Council gathered the biggest international mining companies along with the leading service and technology providers. 

To extend its operational presence in Africa, TOREX company jointly with the partners from Tenova SA have started an active phase of cooperation. The target is to conduct the pilot scale and laboratory tests of the base materials. The two coal samples and iron ore were delivered to Torex during April and analysis is now in progress. TOREX has performed the lab studies on the recovery of DRI product from the goethite ore in the rotary kiln with different types of coal used as reductants.