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The primary focus of TOREX activity is heat engineering solutions for pellet and sinter production industry. We create environmentally friendly technologies and thermal treatment units designed for pellet and sinter plants.

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Enlightment season proceeds: TOREX delegate submits a paper at the VI International Forum "Seymartec Mining. An efficiency of mining industry - 2022"

An annual forum took place in Chelyabinsk town during June 27-29, gathering more than 400 delegates, 150 speakers and 15 countries in total. As a part of forum agenda, TOREX had drafted a presentation dedicated to contemporary issues in the pelletizing industry of Russia, focusing on environmental impact, quality of a feedstock and equipment topics. An audience of the forum encompassed some representatives of industrial facilities, vendors, among those are distinguished companies of metallurgical sector and long-term associates of TOREX. In addition to active involvement, our company delegate acquired a valuable up to date insights in the automation and digitalization of ore mining and concentrating plants, as well as improvement methods of beneficiation process.

The major metallurgical event was being held through June 2-3 in Tula town and gathered the leading experts of an industry, namely Evraz, Metalloinvest, Mechel, MMK, NLMK, Severstal, OMK, TMK, PMH. The summit speakers enlightened an audience on the up to date state of metallurgical sector, including the promising trends of development and approaches which could facilitate the existing facilities to sustain under constrained market conditions. One of the top issues on the summit agenda was an eco-friendly transformation of production in the ferrous metallurgy of Russia along with operation of metallurgical enterprises facing a decarbonization challenges and the best ESG techniques in use.  Besides, the summit delegates were invited to visit the workshops of "Tula-Steel" LLC which is prominent in its import substitution products and adds a tangible contribution to development of domestic metalware industry. 

In the realm of sci-tech services rendered by TOREX company at OEMK steel plant, a few basic scenarios are envisaged to ramp up a production rate by 600 thousand tonnes of fired pellets per annum. In essence, the proposed technical solutions will lead to further boosting of capacity up to 900 thousand tonnes of oxidized pellets to be consumed by metallization plants No 3 and 4 previously revamped. Minimized OPEX goes as an extra accomplishment. In parallel, improvement of the automatic process control system is ongoing as per TOREX technical specification. As of now, revamping project has reached the stage of process equipment erection, including its biggest unit – drum pelletizer (110 tonnes). In total, over 35 items of mechanisms and equipment are about to be mounted. Start up and commissioning of the technological complex is scheduled for 4th quarter of 2022 with over 2 billion rubles invested by Metalloinvest Group of Companies.

Over the October and December 2021, TOREX experts performed the enhancements of DeSOx pilot plant operating modes at the industrial facility of “Karelsky Okatysh”JSC. Fine-tuning has been carried out under wide range of air-gas flow parameters amid production of the versatile types of pellets and application of calcium-hydrated lime as a chemical agent. Thereon, the results and protocols of measurements as to pollutant concentrations in the emissions are studied at the laboratory of pilot processing plant “Gor-Mash-YuL” in Kostomuksha town. These results appear to be encouraging and reveal that a high desulfurization rate up to 98,0% is attained by TOREX team research equipment while a concentration of sulfur dioxide at the outlet of the pilot plant is less than 50 mg/nm3. Presently, the research activities are ongoing with regard to representative samples of desulfurization sludge in order to obtain an environmentally friendly and commercial by-product.

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Engineering company TOREX - Technology. Optimization. Retrofitting. Expertise

 is an engineering company which solves different challenges in the pelletizing sphere with the use of various raw materials to meet the final product requirements. Our own way to upgrade an efficiency of the pelletizing process lies in an application of the new process solutions based on the scientific approach and in-detail elaboration. Nevertheless, we never underestimate a sophisticated human resources of TOREX who are the core source of high-qualified and profficient works. Nowadays, TOREX staff includes 45 employees, 9 Ph.D. in Engineering Science and numerous experienced scientific employees. 

The company unites professional highly qualified specialists with deep competencies in pelletizing and sintering processes and their thermal engineering. TOREX has concentrated major scientific achievements and practical experience. This experience is summarized in the special publications and detalized in the unique research and computational techniques that our specialists employ in their practice.

All specialists have ample opportunity to practice their research skills at mining and metallurgical enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Among these are Lebedinsky Ore Dressing Combine (LGOK), Mikhailovsky Ore Dressing Combine (MGOK), Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant (OEMK), Uralskaya Stal (Ural Steel), Karelsky Okatysh (Karel Pellet Plant), Evraz group enterprises, Novolipetsk Steel Plant (NLMK); Central Ore Combine (CGOK), Inguletsky Ore Dressing Combine (InGOK) in Ukraine; Sokolov-Sorbay Ore Processing Enterprise (SSGPO) in Kazakhstan.

First of all, TOREX is a unique team of experts in the main technology areas of the company. The emergence of such specialists has been made possible only in one way:


−        Quality education and the development of basic knowledge;

−        Study of reference materials and experience gained by our predecessors,

−        Finally, the development of practical skills through active participation in existing projects of the company.

To date, TOREX team consists of 45 employees, including PhD candidates of technical sciences among which are both experienced scientists and young professionals. Young graduates and interns are actively exploring accumulated skills and techniques.