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The primary focus of TOREX activity is heat engineering solutions for pellet and sinter production industry. We create environmentally friendly technologies and thermal treatment units designed for pellet and sinter plants.

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'NPVP TOREX' LLC has been awarded with the second Russian Federation Government Prize in science and engineering - 2021

For all TOREX employees 2021 is encouraged by a landmark award-winning event to be proud of  - the second Russian Federation Government Prize in science and engineering. The award is granted for successful feasibility of the major Russian project in ferrous metallurgy: "Development and implementation of an innovative energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pelletizing plant producing a high-quality iron ore pellets", which is "Mikhailovsky GOK" PJSC owned by Metalloinvest Group of companies. The emphasis of award is in recognition of proficiency of the Russian metallurgical science alongside with practical experience in heat engineering accumulated by NPVP TOREX personnel for decades. The solid ground of contemporary pelletizing technology is pioneered by founders of our company who became the mentors for present skillful engineers, preserving the Soviet legacy of heat engineering expertise applicable to a metallurgical production. Among those are honorable and leading scientists and engineers, namely Abzalov V.M., Maizel G.M., Evstyugin S.N., Klein V.I., Bokovikov B.A. For over 20 years they have been showing an abundant dedication and striving to improve and apply the unique techniques in upgrading of brownfield projects in numerous CIS countries, meanwhile nourishing a new generation of experts. 

The Prize diploma was officially presented in the House of Government, Moscow, on December 16 by Prime-Minister of Russia - Mikhail Mishustin.

From March through July 2021 the previously designed pilot desulfurization plant has been erected and commissioned  by "NPVP TOREX" LLC team at the production facility of "Karelsky Okatysh" JSC. Practically, a feasibility of the plant is accomplished, whereby an efficiency of SO2 removal rate is up to 80%, which is followed by sludge sampling to predetermine its chemical composition and consumer properties. Further activities on the pilot plant involve a fine-tuning of operating mode so as to to attain the target figures of desulfurization along with representative sampling. In the realm of TOREX commitment to environment, these steps will lead to the development of zero waste recycling technology.     

The wide range of process solutions developed by TOREX team as to retrofitting of the indurating machine MOK-592 led to a core target achievement - production of the high quality material and fired pellets at all process stages. These materials to be used for onward blast furnace smelting and DRI processes (whereby a strength is 280 kg/pellet and FeO content is lower than 0,5 %) with lower consumption of energy resources (e.g. consumption of natural gas is  below 10 m3/t, power consumption within entire technological complex is lower than 36 KW·h/t) with a min negative environmental impact. In this case, a total ramp up of production rate in reference to design values has been increased by 10%. The named project solutions result in significant expansion of pellet product list at the "Mikhailovsky GOK after A.V. Varicheva" PJSC along with improvement of consumer properties of pellets. 


To minimize the emissions of sulfur dioxide, TOREX experts jointly with academicians of Urals Federal University elaborated the wet desulfurization technology to clean the flue gases discharged from indurating machine with application of ground limestone as a chemical agent.  The project scope of works comprise the required technological calculations, development of technical documentation and simulation of pilot plant along with manufacturing and procurement of its key equipment components, research of desulfurization by-products (sludge, flue gas, water). The pilot plant is designed to simulate the technological procedures of flue gas treatment under various parameters (temperature, pressure, content of SO2) and during production of versatile types of material.  The target is to verify the equipment under actual operating conditions and to prove an efficiency of selected desulfurization technology.

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Engineering company TOREX - Technology. Optimization. Retrofitting. Expertise

 is an engineering company which solves different challenges in the pelletizing sphere with the use of various raw materials to meet the final product requirements. Our own way to upgrade an efficiency of the pelletizing process lies in an application of the new process solutions based on the scientific approach and in-detail elaboration. Nevertheless, we never underestimate a sophisticated human resources of TOREX who are the core source of high-qualified and profficient works. Nowadays, TOREX staff includes 42 employees, 9 Ph.D. in Engineering Science and numerous experienced scientific employees. 

The company unites professional highly qualified specialists with deep competencies in pelletizing and sintering processes and their thermal engineering. TOREX has concentrated major scientific achievements and practical experience. This experience is summarized in the special publications and detalized in the unique research and computational techniques that our specialists employ in their practice.

All specialists have ample opportunity to practice their research skills at mining and metallurgical enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Among these are Lebedinsky Ore Dressing Combine (LGOK), Mikhailovsky Ore Dressing Combine (MGOK), Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant (OEMK), Uralskaya Stal (Ural Steel), Karelsky Okatysh (Karel Pellet Plant), Evraz group enterprises, Novolipetsk Steel Plant (NLMK); Central Ore Combine (CGOK), Inguletsky Ore Dressing Combine (InGOK) in Ukraine; Sokolov-Sorbay Ore Processing Enterprise (SSGPO) in Kazakhstan.

First of all, TOREX is a unique team of experts in the main technology areas of the company. The emergence of such specialists has been made possible only in one way:


−        Quality education and the development of basic knowledge;

−        Study of reference materials and experience gained by our predecessors,

−        Finally, the development of practical skills through active participation in existing projects of the company.

To date, TOREX team consists of 45 employees, including 10 doctorate candidates and doctors of technical sciences among which are both experienced scientists and young professionals. Young graduates are actively exploring accumulated skills and techniques.